Whirly Bird and Skylight Installation in Hervey Bay and Surrounds

Ezi-Flow Plumbing, Gas & Drainage Services are a small team of Hervey Bay plumbing and roofing specialists, highly experienced in installing roofing accessories such as whirly birds and skylights. Whirly birds and skylights are a great way to enhance the quality of living inside your home, keeping things cool and light, all without the need for power consumption. Our team of professionals will carefully evaluate your needs and recommend a solution based on your existing levels of heat and light. Please give us a call for a free measure and quote on whirly bird and sunlight installation.

Installing whirly birds is a brilliant idea if you’d like to keep things cool without sticking the aircon on. Whirly birds work by creating a vacuum that sucks up the hot air below and pushes it out. If you’ve got a few whirly birds installed on the roof in the main living areas of your house, you’ll notice a significant drop in your usage of air-conditioning. Along with being cheap and easy to replace, whirly birds are also quite durable.

Skylight and Skytube Installation:

Natural lights are a great way to save money on power and can positively contribute to the atmosphere of a room. As qualified and well-versed roofers, Ezi-Flow can install a skylight into your existing roof seamlessly and without leaks to bring beautiful natural light into any top-level room of your house.

You might have decided that a skylight would be perfect for one of your rooms, but don’t want to cut down any surrounding shade, such as trees. In such cases, we can install a ‘skytubes’, whereby we simply install a skylight in another room that shoots into a reflective panel, bringing light through a tube into the room you want natural light in. Although the light is not as intense as you would through a direct skylight, you’ll still experience beautiful natural light exposure in your room.

Whirlybird and Skylight Repairs:

If you’ve got a squeaky whirly bird leaving you up at night, give us a call to organise a replacement. We’ll try and source a whirly bird of a similar shade to match the existing colours of your roof or to contrast them if you wish.

Got a leaking skylight? Let our team of professionals come out and seal your skylight so you can enjoy the beautiful natural light without the natural water! Get in touch with us for a free measure and quote on skylight or whirly bird repair and replacement.

Whirly Bird and Skylight

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