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Treatment Plant vs Septic Tank: What’s the Difference?

Underground septic tanks work by dissolving solid waste into a more manageable liquid over time, before eventually reaching your soil. Once solids leave your internal plumbing system and arrive into the septic tank, they’ll slowly degrade into liquid, with leftover sludge sucked out semi-regularly (typically once every five years). Most septic tanks will come with multiple compartments or chambers that separate solids from liquid as they progress through the biodegrading process.

The benefit of septic tank systems is that they’re often more affordable than other sewage systems, don’t require power, and they’re tried and true; people have been using them for more than a century. The problem you’ll face, however, is making sure you remember to get it pumped. As sludge builds up in your tank, there’ll be less room, and thus less time, for the smaller solids to degrade into liquid properly, and eventually, your tank will become clogged up. It is therefore imperative to get your septic tanks sucked out at regular intervals. However long that interval is will ultimately depend on how big your household and tank is, and one of our professional plumbers can advise you on what size tank would be best suited to your household.

Treatment Plants:

Treatment plants are a bit more complex in that they use a rotating disc or other mechanical element to aid the breakdown process. The aerobic breakdown process used in treatment plants allows for quicker degradation, so getting your plant tank sucked is not as necessary as with a septic tank.

Benefits of a treatment plant vs a traditional septic tank system

Water Treatment Plant Septic Tank System
Initial Cost $$$ $
Power Required
Sucking Required
Most Effective Degrading

Ultimately treatment plants require the ongoing cost of regular sludge sucking for the ongoing cost of operation (as they require power), as well as the maintenance of the moving parts within. They also tend to cost more than a traditional septic tank system. There are arguably more environmental benefits of using a water treatment, down to the fact that their aerobic breakdown process is more effective.

The choice is ultimately up to you, and subject to council requirements, we’re happy to advise you on which option is best suited for your property; simply give us a call for a free quote on a septic tank or water treatment plant installation!

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