Hot Water Systems: Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

As Hervey Bay plumbers since 2002, Ezi-Flow Plumbing, Gas and Drainage Services have repaired and installed countless hot water systems for local home owners. Having no hot water is an emergency in our eyes, and we’ll be out to you as soon as possible to resolve the situation quickly. We’ll carefully evaluate your needs and budget before repairing or installing the perfect water heater for you. If you’ve had your hot water fail, please give us a call and we’ll send one of our qualified plumbers asap.

Hot Water System Repairs:

Had your hot water system suddenly stop working? Let Ezi-Flow Plumbing, Gas & Drainage Services visit you and inspect your existing hot water system. Our skilled team of plumbing technicians are well-versed in finding faults in hot water systems and can accurately detect whether your hot water system is repairable or whether it is more economically feasible to simply have a new one installed.

Hot Water System Installations:

We can supply and install any solar, gas and mains-powered hot water system of your choice. Common brands we stock include:

  • Reece
  • Samios
  • Thermann

At your request, we can source and install the specific model you desire. When providing a free measure and quote, we’ll carefully listen to your needs and budget before establishing what type and how powerful your hot water system needs to be to satisfy your usage.

Gas, Solar or Mains-powered Hot Water Systems

A question we commonly receive is whether gas, solar or mains-powered hot water is best. This ultimately depends on your circumstances and budget, but there are important things to consider:

  • Would you rather pay a larger up-front cost for less ongoing costs? If yes, it might be worth looking at solar.
  • Do you have an existing gas pipeline? If you’ve already got existing gas infrastructure for your home (e.g. for the kitchen), it may be cheaper to have a gas-powered water heater installed.
  • Do you have a large family? Those with large families may find the solar hot water runs out unless they spend much more on panels.

There’s many more elements that go into deciding the best water heating solution, and one of our expert technicians can help guide you as to what solution is best suited to you, dependant on your household size and budget. For a free measure and quote, as well as accurate advice on hot water systems, please give us a call.

Hot Water Systems

We provide a range of installation, repair and maintenance services for solar, gas and mains-powered hot water systems. Call 07 4128 6211 to arrange a free quote.